Vertebral Subluxation Affects Central Nervous System and Spinal Nerves

By Dr. FJ Schofield, DC

According to Gray’s Anatomy, the premier medical textbook on human anatomy, the central nervous system controls every cell, tissue and organ in the human body. The central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord. The brain and spinal cord use nerves to communicate with all the cells, tissues and organs in the body. These nerves are like telephone cables allowing your central nervous system to communicate with the rest of your body.

If we want to move our hand, our brain is unable to beam a message to the hand like a satellite. It sends a message to the hand via an electric impulse through the nerves at incredible speeds. The hand receives this message, moves, and then the hand sends a message back to the brain letting the brain know that it moved.

The body is constantly rebuilding itself from the inside out. Every 100 days every cell in the heart is new. You essentially have a new heart. The brain sends messages to the heart telling it how to repair itself. Then just like the hand the heart sends messages back telling the brain it completed the repairs.

The CNS is so important it is the only organ completely surrounded in bone. This bone is called the spine and is composed of 24 moveable segments with a sacrum and coccyx. These bones are called vertebrae. These bones are all able to move individually and coupled together gives us the mobility our spine has as a whole.

However, when a vertebra moves beyond its normal range of motion it can get stuck out of alignment. This in chiropractic terminology is called a vertebral subluxation complex. You can get a vertebral subluxation complex from a car accident, fall, poor posture or repetitive asymmetrical motions. Vertebral subluxation complexes injure the soft tissues of the spine and this creates inflammation. The inflamed tissues put pressure on the nerves and prevent proper communication between the brain and the body. Let’s return to our example of heart regeneration, if those nerves are under pressure then the brain will not receive all the information from the heart and the heart will not receive all the information from the brain. This makes it impossible for the heart to rebuild itself properly every 100 days. Therefore, every 100 days your heart will get weaker. If left uncorrected for years your chance of having a heart attack greatly increases.

This interference between the brain and the body being caused by nerve compression is similar to having a partial signal on your cell phone. If you are on your cell phone explaining how you want a carpenter to rebuild your living room and he is only hearing half of what you say and you are only hearing half of what he says because your cell phone has a weak signal. There is no chance that job will get done correctly. You can hire more workers, get a different contractor but the only way the job will get done properly is if you restore full signal to the phone. It is the same in your body when you have a vertebral subluxation complex causing a health problem. You can take drugs to kill the pain or get surgery but the only way your body will heal itself is if you allow the nervous system to function properly by correcting the vertebral subluxation complex.

That is what chiropractors do. We locate, analyze, correct and prevent vertebral subluxation complexes. This ensures that, with proper nutrition, exercise and emotional well being, the central nervous system will function properly and every cell, tissue and organ in the body will be healthy.

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